CHUCK RAGAN - Gold Country CD

CHUCK RAGAN - Gold Country  CD
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Cena: 45.00zł
Producent: Side One Dummy

Druga studyjna, solowa płyta ex-lidera Hot Water Music, który coraz lepiej czuje się w butach pieśniarza country. Rewelacyjny wokal, chwytając za serce melodie, 100% autentyczność, zero cepelii.

 Chuck Ragan's latest disc may be coming out a few lifetimes after the gold rush of the mid-nineteenth century, however there's a timeless quality to the album that embodies the hope and hard work that helped define that period in the American consciousness. Ragan knows a thing or two about paying his dues: since the early nineties he's co-fronted the legendary punk act Hot Water Music and over the past few years, he's released a string of well-received solo acoustic efforts in the spirit of fellow folk troubadours like Steve Earle and Pete Seeger. Produced by Ragan in Northern California and performed alongside longtime collaborators like violinist Jon Gaunt and Hot Water Music drummer George Rebelo, "Gold Country" is a striking collection of songs that show how much Ragan has progressed since his 2007 solo debut "Feast Or Famine."
1.         For Goodness Sake
2.         Glory
3.         Rotterdam
4.         Done And Done
5.         The Trench
6.         Don't Say A Word                
7.         10 West
8.         Ole Diesel
9.         Cut Em Down
10.       Let It Rain
11.       Good Enough For Rock And Roll
12.       Get Em All Home

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