CHUCK RAGAN - Covering Ground CD

CHUCK RAGAN - Covering Ground CD
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Cena: 45.00zł
Producent: Side One Dummy

Trzecia już solowa plyta Chucka Ragana. Hot Water Music wrócili i nawet szykują nowe nagrania, ale Chuck nie tylko nie porzucił swojego solowego wcielenia country-barda, ale wciąż czaruje. Nowy album to 10 po prostu pięknych piosenek.

For nearly two decades Ragan has traversed the country and the world - first with his celebrated post-punk act Hot Water Music and later as a solo troubadour - to bring his music to the masses. Correspondingly, aside from the seemingly endless singles, splits and collaborations, Ragan's third solo album "Covering Ground" is as much of a love letter to his transient lifestyle as it is a concession to the loved ones he often has to leave behind and is also undeniably his most honest and accomplished album to date.

1.     Nothing Left To Prove
2.     Nomad By Fate
3.     You Get What You Give
4.     Wish On The Moon
5.     Come Around
6.     Seems We're OK
7.     Valentine
8.     Right As Rain
9.     Meet You In The Middle
10.     Lost And Found

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