COCK SPARRER - Runnin' Riot Across The USA 2LP

COCK SPARRER - Runnin' Riot Across The USA  2LP
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Cena: 79.00zł
Producent: Pirates Press

W 2000 roku, Cock Sparrer po niemal 25 latach istnienia kapeli, po raz pierwszy wyruszył na trasę w Stanach. Ten album dokumentuje energie tamtych występów. Koncertowa płyta wydana oryginalnie przez TKO Records, w eleganckiej reedycji. Gatefold, kolor winyl, remastering.

Until the release of "Here We Stand" in 2007, and after having listened to "Two Monkeys" and "Guilty As Charged" till our ears bled claret and blue, this record was a staple from the moment TKO released it. Their first US tour, after already having been a band for nearly 30 years, was a feat; and the energy that surrounded that week and the four amazing gigs truly ended up on this record. The packaging remains virtually the same as the original pressing, however it has been remastered and is being re-issued only on 180 gram colored vinyl.

1.     Riot Squad
2.     Watch Your Back
3.     Working
4.     Teenage Heart
5.     Argy Bargy
6.     Runaway Johnny
7.     Take 'Em All
8.     A.U.
9.     I Got Your Number
10.     Because You're Young
11.     We Love You
12.     Secret Army
13.     Where Are They Now?
14.     Runnin' Riot
15.     Sunday Stripper
16.     Chip On My Shoulder
17.     England Belongs To Me
18.     We're Coming Back
19.     England Belongs To Me (Reprise)

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