(Clown) - Human In Confusion LP

(Clown) - Human In Confusion LP
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Nowy album weteranów japońskiego hardcore. Gatefold!

"Nagoya city, one of the cities raised up Japanese Hardcore by world-class level, has 九狼吽(CLOWN) in its core. They play aggressively, and it’s not too much to say that they represent Japanese Driving Hardcore Punk at this time. And this is their newest record. You can be killed with one blow of Mune, a son of Burning Spirits. Agitating shouts of their souls. Shot! Shot! Shot! The lumps of sound make your aggression accelerate and battling spirits fire. Pound! Pound! Pound! A direct new generation of Japanese Hardcore, goes on their own way of hard core laughing social situation! Just feel their boiling blood. Yes! Yes! Yes!" -Souichi / FORWARD


1         ドロ沼    
2         ヒトモドキ    
3         我慢の果てに死ぬ    
4         Invader    
5         Trouble Call    
6         Lost    
7         052    
8         Unfare Equality    
9         蘇りの風

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