ANTIDOTE - No Peace In Our Time LP

ANTIDOTE - No Peace In Our Time LP
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Cena: 55.00zł
Producent: Bridge 9

Pierwsza nowa płyta Antidote od 21 lat! 9 nowych numerów plus cover Black Flag "Rise Above" w którym gościnnie pojawił sie Roger Miret. 

Bridge Nine Records has released the first new Antidote album in 21 years titled "No Peace In Our Time." The record was produced by Antidote and mastered by the legendary Howie Weinberg, and the 10-song album includes "Conspiracy Of None," "The Hate Machine," "Don't Blame Me," "Unaffected" and the Black Flag classic "Rise Above" (featuring Agnostic Front's Roger Miret). For fans of Agnostic Front and Black Flag. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.

1.     Conspiracy Of None
2.     The Hate Machine
3.     No Peace In Our Time
4.     Time Is Right
5.     Unaffected
6.     Don't Blame Me
7.     Live For Nothing
8.     Not Like Them
9.     Rise Above
10.     Ignorance


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