STRIKE ANYWHERE - In Defiance Of Empty Times LP

STRIKE ANYWHERE - In Defiance Of Empty Times  LP
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Cena: 55.00zł
Producent: Bridge 9

Akustyczne Strike Anywhere. Fragmenty dwu koncertów jakie legenda melodyjnego / politycznego hardcore'a zagrała zeszłego roku. Znane doskonale hity w nowych, często dość różnych od oryginałów wersjach... Bez elektryki, ale energetycznie i z dużym udziałem publicznosci.

Legendary melodic punk rockers Strike Anywhere has pieced together a live acoustic collection titled "In Defiance Of Empty Times," which is to be released on August 14th from Bridge Nine Records. Two sets were recorded last year, in Rochester, NY in July and Richmond, VA in September, and merged together for this very special release. "Side Rochester" features six songs captured from Strike Anywhere's acoustic performance alongside label mates Polar Bear Club, while "Side Richmond" was recorded during a benefit show for the Industrial Workers Of The World (IWW) on the eve of the Occupy Movement in Richmond. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.

1.     We Amplify/Blaze
2.     Infrared
3.     Hollywood Cemetery
4.     I'm Your Opposite Number
5.     Chorus Of One
6.     Postcards From Home
7.     Timebomb Generation
8.     Orphan Age
9.     Prisoner Echoes
10.     Extinguish
11.     Sunset On 32nd


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