POLAR BEAR CLUB - Live At The Montage LP

POLAR BEAR CLUB - Live At The Montage  LP
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Producent: Bridge 9

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 Rochester, NY's Polar Bear Club is back with a nine-song live collection from their hometown show last July at the Montage Theater. Recorded and engineered by Jay Maas of Getaway Recordings (Defeater, Bane, Cruel Hand), this collection truly captures the energy and urgency of Polar Bear Club's amazing live show. "Live At The Montage" features songs spanning from all over Polar Bear Club's musical career thus far - tracks off of their debut album "Sometimes Things Just Disappear," from their first B9 album "Chasing Hamburg" and to their most recent masterpiece, "Clash Battle Guilt Pride," making this a must-have album for any fan of Polar Bear Club. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.

1.     Burned Out In A Jar
2.     Light Of Local Eyes
3.     Living Saints
4.     Bug Parade
5.     Slow Roam
6.     Left And Leaving
7.     Religion On The Radio
8.     At Your Funeral
9.     Convinced I'm Wrong


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