Totalickers - Cementiri LP

Totalickers - Cementiri  LP
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Trzeci album "szwedów" z Hiszpanii. legenda d-beatu z południa. Surowy crustcore , zapewne najlepszy hiszpański zespół w  tym gatunku.

New LP (their 3rd) from this Barcelona d-beat band featuring members of Glam, among others. It seems like Totalickers have never gotten the respect of their peers in Destino Final and Invasion, perhaps because they play a slightly more polished sound than the super raw stuff that people think of when they think of Spanish crust and hardcore. Instead, Totalickers are clearly influenced by Swedish hardcore, most importantly first-LP era Totalitar (whose logo they kind of swipe for this LP) and Meanwhile. This is right up there with their influences in terms of riff quality, energy, and production, so if you like your d-beat big and rockin' this is the record for you. Shogun Records


1.Modo de vida enfermo 01:39
2.Lágrimas de odio 01:13
3.Cap Estat 02:19
4.Vive tu ruina 01:17
5.Aislados 01:16
6.La destrucción 02:04
7.Quémalos 01:09
8.Tiempos modernos 01:28
9.¿Anarquía? 01:39
10.Una gran mierda 01:41

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