I CAN SEE MOUNTAINS - Life On A Houseboat LP

I CAN SEE MOUNTAINS - Life On A Houseboat LP
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Cena: 65.00zł
Producent: panic

Indie rock zainfekowany punkiem, z popowymi melodiami.

At the end of 2012, I Can See Mountains began an enlightening journey to write their debut LP, a record that would define the band's core ingredients: heart, and music that puts a smile on the listeners face and a thought in their head. What was to be a tall order to fill in the wake of such an incredible EP, I Can See Mountains has delivered nothing short of a masterpiece. Indie rock-infused punk with some pop overtones, "Life On A Houseboat" produces a summer soundtrack for those days at the lake, road trips and making you feel like it's your first kiss all over again.

1.     One Mirror, Two Bodies
2.     Life On A Houseboat
3.     Sea Legs
4.     Snake Eater
5.     She's My Bobby Orr
6.     I Play The Fox
7.     Sweater Science
8.     Campfire Skin (Pt. 2)
9.     Glory
10.     One Big Table
11.     The Tigers Have Found Me And I Do Not Care

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