SHELTER - Perfection Of Desire LP

SHELTER - Perfection Of Desire LP
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Cena: 95.00zł
Producent: Revelation

Debiutancki album Sheltera z 1989 roku. Reedycja winylowa, czerwony placek.

Their first release. Ray Cappo (Youth Of Today) with music played by Tommy Capone (Beyond, Bold, Quicksand), and Todd, Dave and Bill from CT's 76% Uncertain. New pressing now available on red vinyl with newly re-mastered audio. LP includes digital download of this record.

1         Turn It Around     3:32   
2         In The Name Of Comfort     3:58   
3         Enough     1:55   
4         Society Based On Bodies     2:54   
5         Death And Dying     3:21   
6         Photographs Lie     2:07   
7         Shelter     4:05

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