Kungfu Rick - Motivation To Abuse MC

Kungfu Rick - Motivation To Abuse  MC
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A1     So Much More...    
A2     And Violence Lost    
A3     On My Way To Seize The Day    
A4     A Competitive Face    
A5     Pasted Into Place    
A6     No Choices Give No Answers    
A7     1000 Knuckles Rubbing    
A8     Motivation To Abuse    
A9     The Crumbling...    
A10     Throw Your Complaints In A Box    
A11     Filtered Information    
A12     Fragments Of The Past Time    
A13     Right Time At The Wrong Place    
A14     The Dating Game    
B1     Death To Electronic Music    
B2     Seniority    
B3     Still Handcuffed To The Social Life    
B4     The Threat Of Being Liked    
B5     Tomorrow The World Will End    
B6     Abandon    
B7     Folded By Jealousy    
B8     A Shot To The Aim    
B9     Three Years To The Day    
B10     Inhuman Trust    
B11     Recurrance    
B12     Disragard To The Fakes    
B13     Made In Majority    
B14     Unwritten Lies    
B15     If I Cared What You Thought

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