Abstain - Abstain MC

Abstain - Abstain  MC
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Cena: 8.00zł

grindcore z Kalifornii

     Defy 3"CD
A1     My Generation    
A2     Superiority Complex    
A3     Discriminating Nation    
A4     Why    
A5     The Feeding II    
A6     No Values    
A7     Pseudoscience    
A8     Choke    
A9     Circle Of Fools    
A10     Poetic Justice    
A11     Tortured In Entirety / Religion Is A Fraud    
A12     House Of Straw    
A13     Choke    
    Superiority Complex Demo
B1     Mediawhore    
B2     The Ruling Class    
B3     The Feeding    
B4     Unjustified Murder   
B5     Catharsis    
B6     The Feeding II    
B7     Poetic Justice    
B8     Superiority Complex

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