R.A.M.B.O. - Wall Of Death The System MC

R.A.M.B.O. - Wall Of Death The System  MC
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płyta Wall Of Death The System z bonusami. vegan straight edge czyli cała dyskografia.

A1     Wall Of Death The System     0:41
A2     U-Lock Justice     1:03
A3     Job Stoppers     1:08
A4     Trued 'til Death     1:03
A5     Circle That A Motherfucker     0:54
A6     No Circle Pits In Heaven     0:49
A7     Bike, Skate, Mosh     0:27
A8     Your Apathy Makes This An Institution     1:08
A9     I'll Wreck You Old Man     0:36
A10     Hero's Call     1:17
A11     Guienea Pig Pride     1:05
A12     Jesus' Middle Initial Does Not Stand For Hardcore     1:08
A13     Avenge The Anarchy Moose     0:24
A14     Lipless Bastard     1:11
A15     Ian MacKaye Is My Savior, Not Jesus     1:11
B1     Rockin With Kropotkin     0:44
B2     Honorable Discharge     1:07
B3     Smack The State     0:56
B4     Rock Out With Your Black Bloc Out     1:03
B5     Mariano Vs. The Blue Demon     1:11
B6     What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Mosh Harder     1:27
B7     Apocalypse Riders     1:38
B8     Headbutt Cat     0:25
B9     All The Assholes Are Heroes Now     1:51
B10     More Than Just Escapism     1:06
B11     Manifest Destiny's Child     1:01
B12     40s Are For Molotovs     0:42

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