React - st MC

React - st  MC
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polityczny crust ze Stanów.

A1     His Children Play With Knives    
A2     Corpus Delecti    
A3     Blood Ties    
A4     Lost Circles    
A5     For The Wyrm    
A6     Old Alliance (Apropos II)    
A7     React's Anti Heroin Song    
A8     Touched By Violent Hands    
A9     Eco-Fucks (Mother Fuckers)    
A10     Damned Nation    
A11     Callous    
A12     Pupa    
A13     Resurrect    
A14     Ain't No Pango    
A15     Apropos    
B1     Fabrication    
B2     Volatile    
B3     React    
B4     Left For Dead    
B5     No I Won't    
B6     At Last We Fall    
B7     A Conscience Scarred    
B8     Relocation    
B9     Drunk Alone    
B10     Party Lines To An X-Generation    
B11     To Build A Fire (The Furor)    
B12     The Forgotten One    
B13     Resurrect    
B14     React    
B15     No I Won't    
1-15 originally released as Deus Ex Machina LP
16-21 originally released as Disturbing The Souls EP
22-27 originally released as 3 Way Split CD with Broken & Boiling Man
27-30 live show at CBGB's in NYC

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