Aus-Rotten – Live at MKNZ MC

Aus-Rotten – Live at MKNZ  MC
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Cena: 10.00zł
Producent: Nikt Nic Nie Wie

Koncert zarejestrowany w Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenija May 17th 1996,

A1         Intro        
A2         ATF        
A3         The Will Cover The Coffins        
A4         The Battlefield's Still Red        
A5         When You Support These Fucking Bastards        
A6         No Justice-No Peace        
A7         Vietnam Is Back        
A8         Media Blackout        
A9         Perverted Patriotism        
A10         Grave        
A11         Poison Corporations        
A12         Death Sentence (Final Warning Cover)        
A13         Capitol Punishment        
A14         Tuesday May 18th 1993        
A15         Aids        
A16         The Crucifix And The Flag        
A17         Do You Know Where Their Children Are        
A18         Apathetic        
B1         Arms Race (BGK Cover)        
B2         Brainwash        
B3         No Change,No Future,We're Lost        
B4         Fuck Nazi Sympathy        
B5         They Ignore Peaceful Protest        
B6         Prejudice (Crucifix Cover)        
B7         Exploitation (Doom Cover)        
B8         From Protest To Resistance (Conflict Cover)        
B9         American Ethic        
B10         Hear Nothing,See Nothing,Say Nothing (Discharge Cover)        
B11         The Nightmare Continues (Discharge Cover)        
B12         1/4 Death (Rudimentary Peni Cover)        
B13         Tube Disaster (Flux Of Pink Indians Cover)

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