HORRIBLE CROWES - Live at the Troubadour (Gasligh Anthem) (CD+DVD)

HORRIBLE CROWES - Live at the Troubadour (Gasligh Anthem) (CD+DVD)
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Producent: Side One Dummy

Koncertowy album + dvd drugiej kapeli Briana Fallona z Gaslight Anthem. To był ich drugi koncert, ale wszystko zaiskrzyło niesamowicie.
Brzmi pieknie, piosenki, jeszcze bardziej lajtowe niz w agslight Anthem, nabrały nieco mocy na zywo, nie tracąc swego uroku, ktory jest najwiekszym magnesem. CD + DVD.

On September 14, 2011, The Horrible Crowes took the stage of the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA for an amazing hour-long plus set. It was only the band's second show, and attendees were able to experience Elsie in an authentic, natural setting. "I think this was one of the highlights of my career," Brian Fallon recalls. "Everyone was in great spirits, we were comfortable, and we were playing music that excited us beyond what we thought we were capable of. I remember, on this night, I felt like someone else was playing for us. I love this band, as a fan."

1. Last Rites
2. Sugar
3. Behold the Hurricane
4. I Witnessed a Crime
5. Go Tell Everybody
6. Cherry Blossoms
7. Ladykiller
8. Crush
9. Teenage Dream
10. Mary Ann
11. Black Betty & the Moon
12. Blood Loss
13. I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together
14. Never Tear Us Apart

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