VA - Bad Boys For Life 2DVD

VA - Bad Boys For Life   2DVD
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2 dvd w digipacku. Duże fragmenty koncertów BONES, DEMENTED ARE GO, DIE HUNNS i DAMNATION, plus masa teledyksow na drugim dvd.

1-1     –The Bones     Screwed, Blued And Tattooed    
1-2     –The Bones     Pumpin Gas    
1-3     –The Bones     Denial    
1-4     –The Bones     Home Sweet Hell    
1-5     –The Bones     Chrome, Smoke And Thunder Roads    
1-6     –The Bones     Memphis 77    
1-7     –Demented Are Go     Intro - Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore    
1-8     –Demented Are Go     Sickness Of Truth    
1-9     –Demented Are Go     Where You Gonna    
1-10     –Demented Are Go     Destruction Boy    
1-11     –Demented Are Go     Holy Hack Jack    
1-12     –Demented Are Go     Pervy In The Park    
1-13     –Die' Hunns*     Intro    
1-14     –Die' Hunns*     Time Has Come Today    
1-15     –Die' Hunns*     Tragedy    
1-16     –Die' Hunns*     Wild    
1-17     –Die' Hunns*     Surf Sacrifice    
1-18     –Die' Hunns*     Hunns Anthem    
1-19     –Die' Hunns*     Hate N Love    
1-20     –Die' Hunns*     Nuke HB    
1-21     –Damnation (9)     Swine    
1-22     –Damnation (9)     California Demons    
1-23     –Damnation (9)     13    
1-24     –Damnation (9)     Hellrace    
1-25     –Damnation (9)     Eating Our Enemies    
1-26     –Damnation (9)     Lord Of The Flies    
1-27     –Damnation (9)     66613    
        Bonus Material
2-1     –Adam West (2)     God's Gift To Women    
2-2     –American Heartbreak     Postcards From Hell    
2-3     –American Heartbreak     Rotten Apple    
2-4     –Deadline (10)     Last Night    
2-5     –Die Hunns     Hate'N'Love    
2-6     –Mad Sin     All This & More    
2-7     –Raymen*     Home Is Where The Heart Is    
2-8     –Sunride     False Independence (Live)    
2-9     –The Bones     Dead End Cruisin'    
2-10     –The Bones     Do You Wanna    
2-11     –The Generators     Documentary    
2-12     –The Generators     Down In The City    
2-13     –The Revolvers     Narrowminded But Ain't Got A Clue    
2-14     –The Spook     Fright Night    
2-15     –Thug Murder     I Fought The Law    
2-16     –Thug Murder     Double Fist    
2-17     –Venerea     Back To The Start

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