VA - Bad Boys For Life Volume 3 2DVD

VA - Bad Boys For Life Volume 3   2DVD
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2 dvd w digipacku. Duze fragmenty koncertów plus masa teledysków na drugim dvd.

1-1     –Ski King     Great Balls Of Fire    
1-2     –Ski King     Proud Mary    
1-3     –Ski King     Ring Of Fire    
1-4     –Ski King     Seven Nation Army    
1-5     –Heartbreak Engines     The Stalker    
1-6     –Heartbreak Engines     Built My Hate Around You    
1-7     –Heartbreak Engines     She Doesn't Like It    
1-8     –Heartbreak Engines     Ain't My World    
1-9     –Heartbreak Engines     Evil Wings    
1-10     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     Kiss, Kiss, Kill, Kill    
1-11     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     1984    
1-12     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     Warning Warning    
1-13     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     Give 'Em The Boot    
1-14     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     Noho Soho    
1-15     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     Punch The Clock    
1-16     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     N.Y. Belongs To Me    
1-17     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     Gotta Go    
1-18     –Demented Are Go     Human Slug    
1-19     –Demented Are Go     Call Of The Wired    
1-20     –Demented Are Go     Daddies Makin' Monsters    
1-21     –Demented Are Go     The Noose (That Snapped)    
1-22     –Demented Are Go     Blood Beach    
1-23     –Demented Are Go     Cast Iron Arm    
1-24     –Demented Are Go     Zombie Stalk    
1-25     –The Bones     Hate    
1-26     –The Bones     Until I Die    
1-27     –The Bones     Monsters Prefer Blondes    
        DVD Two
2-1     –Heartbreak Engines     Untitled    
2-2     –The Bones     Untitled    
2-3     –The Disasters     Untitled    
2-4     –Demented Are Go     Untitled    
2-5     –Ski King     Untitled    
2-6     –Charley Horse     Bad Ass Dad    
2-7     –Born To Lose     Sweet Misery    
2-8     –Black Halos*     Three Sheets To The Wind    
2-9     –Black Halos*     Mirroeman    
2-10     –Total Chaos (2)     Complete Control    
2-11     –Total Chaos (2)     What You Gonna Do    
2-12     –Total Chaos (2)     Punk Coaliton    
2-13     –Frontkick     36 Guns    
2-14     –Deep Eynde*     Devil Child    
2-15     –Deep Eynde*     Invasion    
2-16     –Roger Miret & The Disasters     My Riot    
2-17     –Deadline (10)     Long Way Home    
2-18     –U.S. Bombs     We Are The Problem    
2-19     –Brain Failure     Japan Tour Report    
2-20     –Texas Terri     Oh Yeah    
2-21     –Broilers     We Are The Problem    
2-22     –No Artist     Tour Report 'Bad Boys For Life Tour 2003'    
2-23     –No Artist     Bad Boys Over London 'Bad Boys For Life Tour 2006'    
2-24     –No Artist     Photo Gallery    
2-25     –No Artist     Trailer    
4:3 (PAL compatible)

Recorded Live from The Bad Boys For Life TOUR 2006 at the legendary SO36 Club (Berlin, Germany)!
Tons of Bonus material: Making Of... Videoclips, over 200 minutes of playing time.

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