D.O.A. - 1978-1985:SMASH THE STATE DVD

D.O.A. - 1978-1985:SMASH THE STATE   DVD
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DOA na żywo ze złotych lat punk rocka 79-81

    Live @ On Broadway, San Francisco, 1980:

        New Age
        Get Out Of My Life
        Royal Police
        Woke Up Screaming
        Last Night
        Rich Bitch
        Let's Fuck

    Live @ Old Waldorf, San Francisco 1981:

        America The Beautiful
        Fucked Up Baby
        No Way Out
        World War 3

    Bay Area Mystery Concert 1981:

        The Enemy
        Strat Man
        Fucked Up Baby

    Live @ 10th Street Hall, San Francisco 1981:

        New Age
        Backstage With Circle Jerks, The Lewd And D.O.A.

    TV Shoot 1980:

        The Enemy

    Anarchist Anti-Canada Day July 1st 1978:

        Anti-Canada Day: The Build Up
        Nazi Training Camp
        Woke Up Screaming
        Disco Sucks

    Bonus Shit:

        World War 3 - Shot In A TV Studio 1979
        1979 TV News Report On The State Of Punk And D.O.A.

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