Varukers - Live: Protest And Survive DVD

Varukers - Live: Protest And Survive  DVD
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Live At Norwich Oval 26.10.96
1     Another Religion Another War    
2     Led To The Slaughter    
3     Nothings Changed    
4     Massacred Millions    
5     No Hope Of A Future    
6     Face Of Humanity    
7     Don't Wanna Be A Victum    
8     Lesson We Must Never Forget    
9     The Last War    
10     Deadly Games    
11     Will They Never Learn    
12     Die For Your Government    
13     Stop The Killing    
14     Enter Of A New Phase    
15     All Systems Fail    
16     Tortured By Their Lies    
17     Nowhere To Go    
18     Protest And Survive    
19     Soldier Boy    
20     Murder    
    Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney 1998
21     Face Of Humanity/ Nowhere To Go    
22     Nothings Changed/ Massacred Millions    
    CBGB's, New York 2000
23     Protest And Survive/Endless Destruction Line    
    The Old Angel, Nottingham 2005
24     Murder/ Who The Fuck    
    From Punk Documentry "UK/ DK" 1983
25     Soldier Boy

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