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Producent: NE RECORDS

Nie Londyn, ale jugosłowiańska Pula, lata 1982-83. I bardziej zadziorna strona jugosłowiańskiego punka. Nie new wave, ale raczej w stronę anarcho-punka.
dwa studyjne kawalki plus live.
Zajebisty gatefold i koperta pełna zdjęć z epoki, jest klimat lat 80-tych.

A1     Pjesna Poraženog Raznika    
A2     Ne - Dva Puta    
A3     Obična Stvar    
A4     Majci    
B1     Predaja Života    
B2     Plavi    
B3     Pula

Pula 1982/83, not London. Pula never ceases to amaze me: this time with yet another punk pearl that stands out from the rest, not only from the other bands from Pula but from the rest of the ex-Yu scene as well. I can't come up with another band from ex-Yu that played anything like this, this early. There is certainly something special about this band! It's a terrible shame that 77 was such a short-lived band, but we're still lucky that they left some traces behind.
They only recorded two studio songs (that were found and ended up here at the last minute), but the live recordings that are on here are in really good quality. In these live recordings you can hear what hell of a band 77 were. The courage and maturity in their texts really shine through. The music reminds me of 80's British anarcho punk bands with a somewhat heavier, darker and depressive tone.
I can not really believe that this band never ended up on any of the V/A cassettes that were released in the 80's. Nothing happened later, either, with these awesome songs. Were they really that unknown outside of Pula? I can't help but wonder what else is hidden in the "secretive" town Pula.

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