50 FOOT WAVE - Power + Light LP

50 FOOT WAVE - Power + Light LP
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Czwarta płyta, powstałego w 2003 roku, nieco mniej emocjonalnego, zespołu Kristin Hersh z Throwing Muses. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc alternatywny rock/ plus klimaty 4AD.

50 Foot Wave is the band is fronted by Kristin Hersh. Kristin Hersh spent more than a decade previously playing with Throwing Muses, releasing several solo albums as well. In 2003, she launched the more electric guitar-oriented 50 Foot Wave. Hersh has described 50 Foot Wave's music as "having a lot of math in it," while also calling it less emotionally and musically "tangled" than some of her past Throwing Muses work.

1       Medicine Rush
2     Honeysuckle
3     Power & Light
4     Skeleton Key
5     Broke
6     Wax
7     Sun Dog Coma

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