25 TA LIFE - Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment LP

25 TA LIFE - Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment  LP
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Klasyczna płyta Ricka i jego 25 Ta Life z 1999 roku.

Copies of 25 Ta Life's 1999 classic "Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment" have been unearthed on yellow vinyl. Revisit Rick Ta Life's take on NYHC which includes a Warzone cover and appearances by Jamey Jasta, Paul Bearer, Roger Miret and Vinny Stigma. Imported from Belgium.

1.     Let The Past Be The Past
2.     Pain Is Temporary
3.     Hardcore Rules
4.     Backfire
5.     Positive Hardcore, Go
6.     Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment
7.     The Next Level
8.     Bullet For Every Enemy
9.     Over The Years
10.     Refocus
11.     Wise To Da Game
12.     Da Low Down
13.     Short Fuse
14.     As One
15.     Smakin' You Up

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